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The people behind Kersten Coating Technology | Thomas Weil

Kersten coating technology is also making good progress in Germany. Since 1995, we have been serving the German market from our location in Kahla, with our working area mainly located in the east of the country, close to the Polish border. But this will change with the arrival of sales manager Thomas Weil. ‘I want to introduce the whole of Germany to the possibilities of our coatings!’ A man with a plan. Meet our newest colleague.

Thomas started working at Kersten coating technology on March 1, 2022. For the past 25 years, he has worked all over the world in various industries. For example in China, Dubai and Kuwait, always in a sales position. He now uses these years of experience to put Kersten coating technology even more on the map with our eastern neighbours. “Germany is huge of course, and there are still many areas that are not yet familiar with Kersten’s services. It is my job to bring our technical coatings to the attention of customers in the middle, south and west of Germany,” says Thomas.

Home base in Darmstadt

And he does that from his home base in Darmstadt. “This place is close to the metropolis of Frankfurt, one of the largest cities in Germany. From this centrally located position it is easy for me to visit clients all over the country. But I also see a lot of opportunities in my own region, the Rhine-Main area.”

Spotting opportunities

Thomas is referring to solutions that our technical coatings can offer to solve customer ‘problems’ and add value to their products. “My job is to listen to the customer, find out their needs and see how we can solve their problem with coatings. Because often there is much more possible than a customer knows at first. With our extensive range of coatings, we have a solution for almost every problem. Our services can be applied to so many industries. But you just have to know that.”

Maintaining relationships

However, Thomas is not only concerned with new customers. Perhaps even more important is maintaining relationships with existing customers. “By talking to customers more often, we can serve them even better. Because here too it applies that with our coatings much more is possible than is initially known. So sitting down with the customer, that’s what I’m going to do.”


“What I strive for is a stable customer base in regions where Kersten coating technology is not yet known. So the entire area from Frankfurt to the south and west of Germany: that’s where I want to introduce customers to our expertise. That is my mission!”

Interested in what Thomas can help you with? You can reach him on +49 (0)1511 9341774 or via

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