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Kersten coating technology.

Layers of value.

Meet Kersten coating technology. Specialists in upgrading metal surfaces and making them more sustainable. We improve the properties of metal components by applying high-quality coatings. Our coatings can, for example, increase the service life of a component, apply non-stick properties, realize a hygienic and food-safe application and greatly improve resistance to, for example, corrosive or chemical influences.

 A combination of these added values ​​is also possible. By applying Kersten coating technology to your components, in addition to the added value, in many cases a cost saving can be achieved. Technical coating often eliminates the need to choose for an expensive metal solution. Moreover, in cases of wear, replacement of coating can make a component perform as new again. With our coatings external influences as chemicals, acids and weather conditions get little to no grip on the base material. Your result: the sustainability and efficiency of your components are heavily increased.

Layers of added value

Do you produce components for the process industry? Without any doubt Kersten coating technology can be of added value for you. We have great process engineering knowledge and we are able to offer many coating solution for all kind of challenges. They are literally layers of added value that we apply to your components to ensure they perform best with optimized properties.

Together we will move forward

Kersten has been active in the market since 1967. With this many years of knowledge of processes and materials, we can provide excellent advice. We love to be challenged to find the right solution for your specific problem related to, for instance, durability or energy and material savings.

With your technical solution and our knowledge of materials and coating applications, we jointly realize innovative solutions that will work in everyone’s favour.



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