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for Kiwa, DVGW/KTW, WICS and foodstuffs

Kiwa, DVGW/KTW and WICS Assessment Guidelines

Kiwa, DVGW and WICS are independent organizations that provide certification on high quality level. Coatings used for the production or transportation of drinking water need to have a Kiwa, DVGW/KTW or WICS certificate. We are fully certified for processing coatings used in the drinking water sector. To guarantee a high level of quality, our coating processes are audited twice a year by Kiwa.
We also supply various coatings for the food- and pharmaceutical industries that comply with the European standards and directives as well as those of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

Save on time and costs

Kersten coating technology’s processes are certified by Kiwa, an independent organization that provides certifications in the Netherlands. This  means that we can carry out the inspections on suitability of coatings (BRL-K758) and the application of products certified by Kiwa, DVGW/KTW and WICS such as Rilsan® and Resicoat®  without needing consultation of third parties. This will save you both time and money.

Frequently asked questions

Parts used for production or transport of drinking water must be Kiwa certified. This is applicable for all coatings that are in contact with drinking water during the production process.

The official Kiwa Evaluation Guidelines form a quality system which guarantees the good quality of the coating and the way it will be applied. In addition Kersten is audited several times a year by Kiwa to guarantee the quality.

Kersten has the following Kiwa Evaluation Guidelines, which are necessary for the processing of coatings in the drinking water sector.

  • BRL-K746, (application of coating systems for drinking water applications)
  • BRL-K759, (coating systems for drinking water applications)
  • BRL-K758, (construction guidelines for metal products to be coated)

A coating with an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval can be used in contact with food. This approval is mainly requested by US related companies. In Europe there are comparable standards that coatings have to meet.

These coatings must meet strict requirements in order to be used in contact with food. The coatings are not allowed to release any harmful substances into the food. In Europe the coatings must meet European standards, while in America the coatings must have an FDA approval.

Several fluoropolymers do have the FDA approval. Some of these coatings are:

  • Xylan®
  • ETFE
  • Halar® XPH

These coatings are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The final products of these companies are often exported to America, which means that the coatings used in the production processes has to comply with the American FDA.

A Kiwa certified coating is a coating that (in the Netherlands) can be applied  to be in contact with drinking water or any substance out of drinking water. These coatings have to meet strict requirements and may only be applied by certified companies on surfaces that meet certain requirements. Kersten coating technology is certified for the application of these coatings as well as for the inspection of the metals to be coated.

The coatings that comply with the strict rules of Kiwa are approved types of the following coatings:

  • Rilsan®
  • Resicoat®