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Nylon R-AM combines one of the strongest and most durable coatings on the market with Biomaster’s proven antimicrobial protection. Nylon R-AM is available in a wide range of colors and its quality is based on Rilsan® coating.

The slow release properties of the Biomaster technology ensure that the antimicrobial properties of the coating are effective for the life of the product to which it is applied. It is an integral part of the coating and will not wear out or leach.

Applications where Nylon R-AM coatings can help reduce the spread of harmful microbes include healthcare, food care and catering, food processing and household appliances, doors and door handles, etc.

Nylon coatings have been used for many years in applications requiring superior resistance to wear, corrosion and impact. The wear resistance has been independently tested and is ten times higher than with a standard powder coating. The surface of a nylon coating is already smooth and easy to clean and feels more warm and more pleasant than other coatings.

Frequently asked questions

Fluidized bed coating is a process in which preheated parts are immersed in a powder bath. This powder is kept in vortex by blowing air through the porous bottom of the bath. This causes the powder to behave as being a liquid. When the blasted and heated part is subsequently immersed in the whirlpool bath, the powder particles melt down as a solid layer.

Both small and large parts can be provided with a coating using a fluidized bed. Especially pipe sections, couplings and fittings are provided with coatings using this technique. Kersten has options to cover parts with a length of 6 meters and a diameter of approximately 1.5 meters within this process

The following coatings are suitable for application by means of fluidized bed coating:

  • Rilsan®
  • Resicoat®
  • Abcite®

Fluidized bed coating has the following advantages:

  • Specific parts with difficult-to-access surfaces can be coated easily and in a controlled manner.
  • In one operation a layer thickness of 400μm is applied, both internally and externally.
  • It is an efficient coating method with very low powder loss.

On request Kersten coating technology provides technical support to select the correct coating. We also advise you on the construction and finishing of the products to be covered. The most important points of attention have been incorporated in our construction guidelines and dimension regulations. We will send them to you on request or you can download them directly.

  • Xylan®
  • ETFE
  • Halar®
Additionally the coatings Rilsan® and Resicoat® have a Kiwa certificate which means they can be used in contact with drinking water. Both coatings have drinking water approvals in Europe such as in Germany (DVGW / KTW), England (WRAS) and France (ACS). Rilsan® is also NSF approved for the American market.

A coating with an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval can be used in contact with food. This approval is mainly requested by US related companies. In Europe there are comparable standards that coatings have to meet.

An elastic coating is a plastic coating that does not harden after being applied and is called a thermoplastic. These plastics become soft again when they are heated to their melting point, even after many years.