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UV-resistant coatings

The UV resistance of a coating is a way to value how well it can handle ultraviolet radiation, such as in sunlight. If a coating is used outdoors, it obviously has to be UV-resistant. We apply these durable UV-resistant coatings for instance  in processes that use UV radiation for disinfection of liquids.

Frequently asked questions

The UV resistance of a coating is the degree to which it is resistant to, for example, sunlight.

Rilsan® is a coating that is resistant to sunlight. Halar® and ETFE can also withstand higher doses of sunlight. We suggest to contact us for further advice.

If a coating is used outside it has to be resistant to sunlight. There are situations where UV is used for disinfection of for instance liquids. If coatings are used they have to be resistant to UV in this application.