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Non-stick coatings

In processes that are particularly dirty, we use coatings with good non-stick characteristics. These are similar to the non-stick coatings on many pans, also known as Teflon®. Non-stick coatings are resistant to high temperatures and protect your machines and products against adhesion problems. On top of that, they make machines quicker and easier to clean.

We coat various objects such as machine components for the food and process industries and the galvanization and semiconductor sectors. In addition to production processes, we also apply non-stick coatings on items used for storage or transport. The products that are stored do not adhere to the insides of for instance tanks and can be unloaded much easier.

Frequently asked questions

Friction creates heat and can lead to wear. Low friction resistance means little heat and less wear. These coatings are used in particular at high temperatures, where conventional oils and fats can no longer be used. Or in the foodbusiness in case products need to slide to or into their next position in the process.

Fluoropolymers are coatings known for their good non-stick properties. In addition to Xylan® and Halar®, Teflon® is also a household name in this field. The name Teflon® is used by it's manufacturer for a large group of fluoropolymers, such as PTFE, FEP, PFA and ETFE.

The food industry in particular uses non-stick coatings. These coatings are resistant to high temperatures and are easy to clean. These properties also come in handy for many other applications.

Fluoropolymers with good non-stick properties are used in processes that are subject to contamination. By using these coatings machines will pollute less quickly and the machines will be easier to clean.