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Corrosion-resistant and chemically resistant

Abcite® is a thermoplastic synthetic coating that is applied in high-thickness layers. We can apply various colours. This coating provides high-quality corrosion protection and can withstand both acids and bases. We use three methods for applying Abcite®: fluidized bedsrotomoulding and electrostatic powder coating.

Layer thickness

The average layer thickness for Abcite® is 300 to 400 μm. Unlike thermosetting powders, Abcite® thermoplastic powders melt on a pre-heated surface. When the surface cools down, the coating immediately has its durable physical properties, without further processing.

Frequently asked questions

With this coating technique the powder in side the spraying-gun is electrically charged. The powder then settles on the metal surface that needs to be coated. Depending on the coating this is applied to a cold or a pre-heated metal surface. With a number of coatings this can be repeated in order to achieve a higher layer thickness.

The following coatings are suitable for application by means of electrostatic powder spraying:

  • Rilsan®
  • Resicoat®
  • Halar®
  • Fluoropolymers such as ETFE and PFA Ruby Red
  • Abcite®

Electrostatic powder spraying has the following advantages:

  • It is possible to provide specific parts or surfaces of the component with a coating
  • Complex parts can be coated
  • The layer thickness can be adjusted by the amount of layers
  • More colors can be selected with this technique