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Pyrolysis cleaning is a common sales term when purchasing consumer cleaning instruments and in particular ovens. It is a self-cleaning mechanism that converts dirt into ash. Our pyrolysis oven works basically the same when we clean tools, parts and entire machines.

How does Pyrolysis cleaning work?

With our pyrolysis oven we remove dirt, plastic residues, resin, oil or old powder coating without further damaging the materials. There is no open flame involved during the process. Due to the range of very high temperatures (up to 480 degrees Celsius), all dirt is incinerated. It is a form of thermal cleaning and completely environmental friendly.

What are our pyrolysis ovens used for?

For instance industrial baking trays or metals whose old coating must be removed before a new coating can be applied. Pyrolysis consists of a cleaning process that does not involve chemical reactions.

Parts that are cleaned by Kersten coating technology are: pressure rollers, machine parts, pipe parts, tools from coating companies and parts that need to be provided with a new coating.

Thermal cleaning

Cleaning metal components

Thermal cleaning is a method to remove old coatings off metal components. After cleaning and blasting we are able to apply a new coating on the components which will tehn be ready to reused. In addition to pipeline components, printing rollers and machine components, we also clean dirty components and auxiliary tools used by coating companies. We are abloe to clean all metals that can withstand a temperature of 450°C. In our pyrolysis furnace we remove coatings as Rilsan® and Resicoat®, as well fluoropolymers as Halar® and Xylan®.

An environmental friendly way of removing old coatings

The floor area of our pyrolysis furnace is 6 x 2.5 metres and the internal height is 2.5 metres. Components are heated up to 450°C. The gases from the furnace are burned in a downstream combustion unit at 850°C for 2 seconds. The gases will be cooled and passed through a gas scrubber. This system results in an environmental friendly way of removing old coatings.

Frequently asked questions

Thermal cleaning is a method of removing old coatings. It is also possible to clean contaminated parts and auxiliary tools that are used in companies that produce coatings. In our pyrolysis furnace parts are heated up to 450 ° C in an oxygen-poor environment. The gases from the pyrolysis are burned in an afterburner at 850 ° C for 2 seconds, after which the gases are cooled and will finally pass through a scrubber. With this installation we can remove old coatings in an environmentally responsible manner.

The floor space of the pyrolysis oven is 6 x 2.5 meters and the height inside the oven is 2.5 meters.

All metals that can withstand a temperature of 450 ° C can be thermally cleaned. On special request we can also carry out separate cleaning charges at lower temperatures.

All coatings applied by Kersten can also be removed by using the pyrolysis oven. It therefore concerns not only Rilsan®,  Abcite and Resicoat®, but also fluoropolymers such as: Halar®, Xylan®, PTFE, FEP, PFA and ETFE. We also remove wet paints and powder coatings from auxiliary tools for other coating companies. Our requirement is that we receive the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of the relevant product in advance.