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Kersten coating technology Layers of value

We are specialists in the sustainability and improvement of metal surfaces. By applying high-quality technical coatings, we improve the properties of metal surfaces. This extends the lifespan of components, provides protection against corrosion and chemicals, and realizes a hygienic application

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Assured by quality

Kersten coating technology is a certified specialist in the application of coatings. Through our collaborations with several suppliers of raw coating material, we not only offer the best and most durable coatings, but we are also able to directly translate customer requirements and needs into the best possible solutions. In addition, we are certified by Kiwa and by our suppliers, which is why we comply with the highest quality requirements. And that’s important, as we only go for the very best result.


Since 1967

With  many years of knowledge of processes and materials, we can provide you with excellent advice.
But we also like to be challenged to come up with solutions for your specific problem with regard to, for example, the durability of components or time savings in processes.


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