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The people behind Kersten Coating Technology: Martijn Groot-Roessink

“It’s fantastic that I have experience on both fronts: the work on the floor and the work in the office. This enables me to engage in conversations and consider various aspects.”

Within six weeks, he transitioned from a forklift driver to a work planner, and eventually took on the role of team leader. Martijn Groot-Roessink accomplished it. “It wasn’t my initial plan, but I soon realized that I aspired to do more. Kersten Coating Technology presented me with opportunities, and I seized them.” Interested in his journey? Keep reading!

Six weeks

Martijn had only been working as a forklift driver for six weeks when he was offered the opportunity to become a work planner. “This chance was presented to me, and I also recognized that I wanted to contribute more. So, everything fell into place nicely,” he reflects. “At my previous workplace, I participated in improvement teams, which I found enjoyable. Being a work planner allowed me to have a more significant impact, and I enjoyed that.”

Jack of all trades

In his role as a work planner, Martijn describes himself as a jack of all trades. “I handle incoming orders, engage in extensive planning, manage supplies, and interpret drawings for the sprayers and dippers,” says Martijn. “Essentially, I need to be well-versed in everything, and having experience on both fronts—the work on the floor and the work in the office—enables me to participate in discussions and consider various aspects.”

Continuous growth

After working as a work planner for some time, Martijn was presented with a new opportunity. “I can now proudly call myself a team leader,” Martijn laughs. “Things can happen quickly here!” However, his forklift experience still proves useful occasionally. “If necessary, I assist on the floor. When something needs to be done quickly, and there aren’t enough hands, I sometimes use the forklift,” he explains. “It can be a bit of a juggle at times, but it’s a lot of fun. It also keeps you sharp. When the sprayers and dippers leave at the end of the day, I have plenty of time for administrative tasks.”

Abundant variety

“The most enjoyable aspect of my job is the variety. I learn in different areas, and I’m provided with numerous opportunities for growth,” shares Martijn. “For instance, I’ll soon undergo training as a prevention officer, focusing on safety. It’s exciting to be involved in such initiatives.”

An upward trajectory

However, Martijn is far from finished with learning. “I foresee ongoing growth at Kersten Coating Technology. It’s a long-term commitment. I genuinely enjoy working here. The atmosphere is friendly, I have fantastic colleagues, and the work is enjoyable. My challenge is that I often take on too much, but fortunately, I have a whole team around me providing support.”

Creative pursuits

Martijn is accustomed to exploring various activities. Before joining Kersten Coating Technology, he worked on a boat in Spain and pursued studies in photography. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar and brewing his own beer. Ambitions abound!

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