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The people behind Kersten coating technology: Peter Kerkemeijer

“I got the job within two days!”

He lives less than a kilometer away from our company in Brummen, yet until recently Peter Kerkemeijer had no idea what we actually do here. But that has now changed, because he is our new production planner since August 2023. It’s a varied job and he thinks it offers him plenty of opportunities to develop himself. Read along.

The 55-year-old Peter has many years of work experience as a planner. When his previous employer – where he worked as a service planner – announced that they were moving to Den Bosch, Peter came into contact with Kersten coating technology through a recruiter. “I didn’t know the company, but during a conversation with Jos (Schröder, general manager at Kersten coating technology) I felt that there was an immediate click. It turned out to be mutual, because my contract was arranged within two days,” Peter reflects.

Good first impression

Despite his unfamiliarity with our company, Peter was immediately impressed by our expertise in the field of technical coatings. “During my first job interview, Jos gave a tour of the production area. He explained what we do here and what sets us apart. That gave a good impression, right away.”

Less hectic

It has now been a few months and Peter is starting to find his way in our company. “The first few months mainly consist of getting to know the company and discovering where the bottlenecks are. How do we do the things we do and what can we possibly change? But I already experience much less hecticism than at my previous job. Service planning is a lot more hectic than production planning. In my current position I have much more time to tackle various matters properly.”

Good planning

But what does Peter exactly do as a production planner? “I ensure that the production process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That’s basically what I do in a nutshell. For example, with proper planning of personnel and machines, I ensure that we stick to the delivery time agreed with

the customer. So I also have close contact with the sales department to discuss production times and delivery.”

Never a dull moment

So, a diverse position. “Yes, that’s right. Planning is never boring,” says Peter. “There are always factors that can disrupt planning, such as sickness or delivery problems. I have to immediately adjust the planning accordingly to avoid problems. Planning is an ongoing thing. I adjust it almost every day.”

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