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Important information about coating pressure rolls with Rilsan®

We have been coating pressure rollers with Rilsan at our facility in Kahla for almost 20 years. As of June 30, 2022, we will also stop offering this service here. We will explain why.

Change in the printing market

The presser rollers where Kersten applies a coating, and a profile are mainly used for the printing of newspapers and illustrations (magazines). For years printed newspapers have been dealing with the problem of reduced editions due to fewer subscribers, not to mention the problem of getting the newspapers delivered to customers. As a result, the number of rollers that we are offered decreases sharply and will not increase in the future

In the illustrations market we see a shift to digital printing, so fewer pressure rollers are used there as well. This means that in recent years we have been offered fewer and smaller rollers.

Growth of Kersten plastic coating

Kersten coating technology is growing strongly in other markets, where the advantages of a technical coating are increasingly appreciated. We are expanding at both the Brummen and Kahla locations because we are running out of space for our production. This luxury problem presents us with the choice, to invest space and money in the declining pressure roller market or to use these in our core business where the growth lies. It looks simple, but we say goodbye to customers and a market in which we have been active in Brummen and Kahla for more than 20 years with mixed feelings.

We now also stop coating pressure rollers with Rilsan in Kahla

For this reason, we will stop offering this service as of June 30, 2022. We deeply regret this, but given the economic market situation, we see no other option.

Orders can be placed until June 3rd

In order to complete the coating of pressure rollers in a controlled manner, we offer the possibility to pass on orders until 3rd of June 2022 the latest. This is absolutely necessary, especially because of the processing time. No further processing is possible after June 30, 2022.

Do you have questions about this service, placing an order or an existing delivery? Please do not hesitate to contact your regular contact person at Kersten coating technology.

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