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Rädlinger – coaten of connectors

Replacing a pipeline in the busy city center has a significant impact. Not only because this leads to roads closures and detours, but also because of the noise and air pollution that arise during the work. Pipeline replacing causes frustration everywhere, but the German company Rädlinger has found a solution!

Using their innovative Primus Line technology they ensure a trenchless renovation of pressure pipes. The advantages of this technology are huge: there is less risk of subsidence, less nuisance for residents, less noise pollution and less nuisance for traffic. In addition, the products meets the most demanding standards for the transport of drinking water and gas.

Innovative Primus Line technology

Over the past twenty years, the company has completed more than one thousand pressure pipe restoration projects based on its Primus Line technology. This sliplining solution is not only suitable for fixing damaged pipes, but also for increasing the working pressure within existing systems, protection against corrosion, and for installing bypass systems or freestanding solutions.

We coat the connectors

The connectors are an essential part of the Primus Line technology. These connections have been specially developed for the system and ensure a leak-free connection to the gas pipe or fitting. The connectors get their durable corrosion resistance through a very special epoxy powder coating. Thanks to this coating, the connectors meet the highest standards for the safe transport of liquids, especially those that are needed in the drinking water sector. And you guessed it: that’s of course something that is our expertise!

Value for money and the location made the difference

How did this company end up at our German branch in Kahla? Thomas Häring, Head of Work Preparation at Rädlinger, explains.

“The decisive factor in choosing Kersten coating technology has everything to do with the important function of Rädlinger’s steel or cast iron connectors. They connect the lining, which is pulled into the existing pipe during a trenchless pipe renovation, to the pipe network. This connection must be durable and tight, because the pipes transport sensitive liquids such as drinking water, gas or oil.”

“In Germany there are just a couple of companies that offer this special kind of coating. At the end, we went with Kersten because of the good value for money. We can now complete orders at short notice with direct trips.”

De Primus Line-technology at an exhibition in Munich.

Long-term collaboration

Rädlinger has been working closely with Kersten for three years now and intends to do so in the long term. Their orders often involve coating multiple one-size connectors, which they then store for future projects. Such a batch contains four to forty pieces. “But there are always special connectors for specific projects or connectors that are needed for short-term projects. And because our product is used all over the world, delivery times play a decisive role for us.”

Reliable and professional partner

Thomas Häring thinks Kersten is a very reliable and professional partner. “All promised delivery times have been achieved so far and we are very pleased with the quality. For Primus Line, this means we can plan our own delivery times well and also stick to them. Thanks to the very good cooperation, our own work has become easier.”

Are you curious about what Kersten coating technology can do for your project? Please feel free to contact us and find out!


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