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Hygiene For various issues and applications we carry certified technical coatings that are approved for being in contact with food. Because we know how to combine this with non-stick properties we can improve the hygiene of the component or the installation. In addition improved hygiene will be accompanied by a reduction in cleaning costs and … Continued

Chemical resistance

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE In the (petro-) chemical and process industry components are in contact with aggressive chemicals that can damage the components and shorten their service life. A more suitable choice of material for the component  can be complicated or expensive. A technical coating often is a logical and economical alternative, adding value on several fronts. … Continued

Perfomance improvement

PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT By applying the right technical coatings we enable customers to increase the output of their processes. Efficiency improvement is a very valuable added value the return on investment is short and quick. With non-stick coatings for instance, we have enabled customers to spend less time cleaning, leading to an increase of effective production … Continued

Corrosion protection

CORROSION PROTECTION Corrosion is wear of metal surfaces by oxygen, water and / or acid. Corrosion leads to loss of strength and is a problem for metal pipes and components that are in constant contact with outside air, (sea) water or liquids with a low PH value. A protective treatment of the materials is the … Continued

Cost savings

COST SAVINGS The right technical coating in combination with a cheaper base material can have a strong positive effect on the cost price of a component or an entire installation. This in addition to the fact that it will offer the necessary technical advantages. Beside these initial costs, we have demonstrated that added value and … Continued

Lifetime extension

LIFETIME EXTENSION We have proven that we can extend the lifetime of components by applying the right technical coating to critical areas. When opting for a technical coating, in almost all cases this also offers the option of renewing or replacing this technical coating on the long term. This means that a component can be … Continued

Energy saving

ENERGY SAVING With various technical coatings we are able to reduce the mutual friction between components and / or goods. This reduces the energy consumption in a process or movement. As a result it is possible to select a more energy-efficient drive which also makes the complete technical solution cheaper. This is how we add … Continued